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High efficiency synchronous rectification in SMPS, uninterruptible power supply, high speed power switching and hard switched and high frequency circuits and lead-free
Channel Type
Current, Drain
130 A
Fall Time
63 ns (Typ.)
Gate Charge, Total
120 nC
Mounting and Package Type
PCB Mount and TO-220AB Package
Operating and Storage Temperature
-55 to +175 ?C (Max.)
Package Type
Power Dissipation
250 W
Resistance, Drain to Source On
5 Milliohms
Resistance, Thermal, Junction to Case
0.61 ?C?W (Max.)
Temperature, Operating, Maximum
+175 °C
Temperature, Operating, Minimum
-55 °C
Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient
62 °C⁄W
Time, Rise
120 ns (Typ.)
Time, Turn-Off Delay
51 ns
Time, Turn-On Delay
26 ns
Transconductance, Forward
98 S
Voltage, Breakdown, Drain to Source
75 V
Voltage, Diode Forward
1.3 V (Max.)
Voltage, Forward, Diode
1.3 V
Voltage, Gate to Source
?20 V
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